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    Facial Electromyography provides the most sensitive, granular, and actionable measures of positive and negative emotional valence.

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fEMG: The Gold Standard for Measuring Emotional Valence

Our goal is to establish a resource for those interested in learning about and working with Facial EMG. We have compiled and consolidated useful research on the subject of Facial EMG with particular emphasis on using it in measuring emotional response. We hope that all those who are interested in the field, from academics to practitioners to students, will find the site a useful jumping off point for learning about work being done and the people doing it.

The site is intended to be open and dynamic. If this is an area of research that interests you, we invite your participation in the site’s development and evolution. If you have come across resources that others would benefit from and you would like to share, please let us know so we can include them. If you would like to be identified as someone interested in pushing forward the use of Facial EMG, please join our little community. If you have ideas for how the site can be improved, please let us know that as well.

This site is sponsored by G&R, a leading communications research company that uses Facial EMG as part of its advertising research programs.